Jaguar NBFC Software/ Auto Finance/ Hire Purchase

Jaguar NBFC software products are a collection of comprehensive products for NBFCs of all sizes. Requirements of each scale are different and we address them separately. We cater to:-

  • Very Large with hundreds of branches (Cloud based, Big Data solution)
  • Medium to Large with a few Branches
  • Small with a single office or 2-3 offices

These software have been designed from scratch to cover the entire working of a Company/Firm involved in Loans / Hire Purchase and related Business. The focus being on the management and control of business apart from keeping accounts. These products help manage the entire life cycle of a Loan. Core issues like Loan Origination, Underwriting, Loan Management, Collection and Financial Accounting have been thoroughly covered, which are common to all. Apart from that many subjects which fewer companies deal with have also been covered like Securitization, Channel Partners with Banks and Deposit Management.

The Core Development team has its roots in the finance industry and an experience of over 18 years. Our sister concern, a NBFC (Non Banking Finance Company), running from 1988 and prominent members of "Federation of Indian Hire Purchase Associations" & regional associations have contributed greatly to the design and development of this software.


We are dedicated to NBFC industry and cater to all needs of our customers and keep updating the software to incorporate latest changes in the industry. Our focus is on quality and each of our products has made it's mark. We use the latest technologies to bring dream products to market. You can say that Jaguar is to NBFC software, what Apple is to gadgets in every aspect but cost.

Loan Types Covered

  • Vehicle Loan / Vehicle Finance / Auto Loan / Auto Finance
  • Dealer Funding
  • Fleet Financing
  • Personal Loan
  • Loan against Property / Property Loan
  • Mortgage Loan / Housing Loan
  • Business Loan / Project Loan / Working Capital Loan
  • Machinery Loan, Construction Equipment Loan
  • Gold Loan
  • Loan Against Deposit
  • Education Loan
  • Micro Finance

NBFC Software Products

  • Jaguar NBFC App: Cloud based big data web application for Big Companies with large number of Branches or more demanding requirements
  • Jaguar Asset Finance Enterprise version: with SQL-Server for medium to Bigger Companies with Multiple Branches. Both Web based & Client Server interfaces
  • Jaguar HP Manager: Windows version for Small Companies


Comprehensive suite of applications to enable a modern enterprise to collaborate & be managed. Helps put the Company on Autopilot by automating Workflows using Rules Engine. Extremely lightweight & developed using open source technologies like Java Spring Boot, JPA, Big Data Database, HTML5 & Javascript.


  • NBFC App: The mother web Application
  • Mobile Apps: Mobile Apps for Loan Origination, Collection, Customer self service
  • Analytics: Business Analytics for NBFCs

Modules Covered

  • Loan Origination System (LOS): from Lead to Loan Application to Loan
  • Loan Management System (LMS): Loan life cycle
  • Collection (COL): Fine grained recoverable management
  • Financial Accounts (FA)
  • HR & Payroll (HRM)
  • Shares (SHR)
  • Deposits & Debentures (DEP)
  • Collaboration: Team Chat messaging & Team Tasks
  • Customer Self Service

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated Go-to-market
  • Higher productivity with faster, paperless & bulk processing
  • Continuous Performance with Business Process Automation
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction & Retension
  • Device agnostic responsive UI
  • Interface with Credit Bureau
  • Fraud detection
  • Better Collections
  • Adherence to Business Policies
  • Simplified Operations
  • Field Force Automation using Mobile Apps
  • Better Decision Making using Analytics

Jaguar Asset Finance Enterprise version

Modules Covered

  • Hire Purchase
    • Hire Purchase
    • Hypothecation
    • Loans
  • Securitization
  • Deposits
    • Fixed Deposits
    • Recurring Deposits
  • Debentures
  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll

Main Features

  • Web based ERP with Multi-Location Branch/ Collection center handling capability
  • Proposal
  • F.I./Verification (Central Customer Database, De-Duplication, CIBIL Check)
  • Pending Document Tracking (PDD)
  • Insurance Tracking
  • Manage high volumes of PDCs
  • ECS and Audit System
  • Cheque Issue Register (Cheque Printing)
  • Defaulters list Bucket Wise (DPD)
  • Foreclosure Statement
  • IRR based
  • Automated Accouting Entries
  • Covers all aspects of Channel Partner Business and includes a full-fledged Accounting System thus eliminating need to maintain accounting separately
  • Compliance with
    • RBI
    • CIBIL
    • CRISIL

Use Cases

  • NBFC Software
  • Hire Purchase Software
  • Loan Servicing Software
  • Loan Management Software

Technologies used for Web Applications