Our Goal Is To Make Loan Management Easier And Effective With New Technology & Intuitive Product Design

Our Values

We have grown from small business software to enterprise software products due to our focus on values that we care deeply about.

Fair Dealing

We are fair and reasonable when dealing with customers and employees. We care about their success and they’re in turn satisfied and invested in our success.

Quality & Comprehensiveness

Our products are growing to handle ever larger company sizes. At each step, we’ve provided quality products that have been comprehensive for that size of business.

Who We Are

We started in 1996 by developing software for our NBFC that has been running since 1989. In a few years, we were selling software to other NBFCs and other businesses with multiple products focusing on accounting, manufacturing and retail.

After the growth in NBFC software demand since late 2000s and new opportunities unlocked by Web 2.0 and smart phones, we’ve been primarily focused on NBFCs with all our new development effort directed at them.

Now in the era of Fintech revolution we are providing a platform to turn a traditional lender into a Fintech.

Aman Singh Bains

Founder and CEO

Aman drives the product vision and technology direction in the company. He believes that combining hands-on domain and technology expertise is critical to good product design.

He is an expert in the finance domain with initial experience in operations of “Jaguar Hire Purchase Pvt. Ltd.” and 18 years experience in understanding and delivering customer requirements Aman has a passion for technology and has been programming computers since the era of 386 computers with basic.

He is an expert in Cloud technologies - Java, microservices, Angular, Dart, Flutter, Cloud Databases and Artificial Intelligence/ML.

Wg. Cdr. PPS Bains


His early career was as a Pilot and an Air Force Officer. He started Jaguar Hire Purchase in 1989 and has been in the finance business since then.

He recognized the computer revolution early and co-founded Jaguar Software India with Aman Bains and helped get the company on its feet.

He enjoys golf and provides guidance to both the organizations