Digital Lending Solution
for Fintechs,
NBFCs, Banks, HFCs, MFIs
of all sizes
Loan Origination System | Loan Management System | Collection

Borrowing, Financial Accounting, Deposits and Debentures

We have complete logging feature as per banking standards, as required by RBI from 1 April 2023.

We provide modern digital lending solution that are suitable for Fintechs as well as traditional lenders.

Complete digital Customer onboarding digital credit and underwriting with BPM Wokflow flowcharting based products design. Perhaps the most flexible and modern solution
With unmatched scalability

Covers: Fintechs · NBFCs · Banks · Housing Finance · Microfinance

Lines Of Business

The Loan Management System is very flexible and caters to many types of loans and we are always looking out to cater to more Loan Types.

These Loan Types include :-

Supply Chain Finance ( Sales Bill Discounting, Purchase Bill Discounting, Anchor Bill Discounting ) etc.

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Jaguar 360 Cloud

Jaguar 360 Cloud is our flagship product and our platform for the next decade. In active development, this Loan Management Software will be continually enhanced to capture the evolving needs of our customers.

Cloud Technologies For Scale And Performance.

Developed using Java, Angular (Open Source Technologies), and run on stable linux servers in the cloud – Jaguar 360 Cloud performs and can handle workloads at the scale of large banks.

Provides 360° coverage of the business, providing all the tools needed to keep the business running at peak performance. Storing Customer interaction in the system makes a business system driven and less dependent on people. Assigning tasks to the team and escalations on delays ensures peak performance.

Feature Set

Digital onboarding using Video KYC/ eKYC, digital credit using Customer score, Bureau score, statements analysis, alternate credit, etc

BPM Workflows

Definable Workflows such as Loan Application to Disbursement, Repossession, Legal etc. flow automatically from one task to another for the respective employees or outside agencies. Also maintaining the Time Action Taken (TAT) for each action. This ensures that no tasks are forgotten or delayed causing your Enterprise to always work at peak performance.


Team Chat and Team Tasks make it possible to communicate and assign tasks to other staff members. This can be used for those tasks that do not fall into existing workflows. Automatic feedback mechanism is also there, so that the initial assignee will get status updates for assigned tasks. Entire Company can collaborate within the solution.

Drag n drop to design a process. Add or remove tasks. Any number of processes can be designed.

Sample Auto Loan Workflow
Sample Gold Loan Workflow


  • Loan Origination System

  • Loan Management System

  • Collection

  • Borrowing

  • Deposits & Debentures

  • Financial Accounts

  • Collaboration Features - Team Chat & Team Tasks

Loan Management

  • Disbursement to Loan Closing, covers the entire lifecycle.

  • Includes

  • Integrated Financial Accounting

  • Scheduled Disbursal

  • Repayment Options: EMI/ Scattered Instalments/ Moratorium/ Bullet Payment/ Loan

  • Flexible Installment frequency (Daily/Weekly/Bi-Monthly/Monthly/Quarterly/Six-Monthly/Yearly)

  • Income Recognition

  • Repayment Management

  • PDC Management

  • ACH Handling

  • Late Payment Handling

  • Part pre-payment

  • NPA & Provisioning

  • Closure

  • NOC Register

  • Post Disbursal Document Management (PDD)

  • MIS

  • Multi-lingual Letters, Notices &

  • Emails (Transliteration)

  • SMS integration

  • CIBIL Data submission


Lead to Disbursement, covers the entire workflow.


  • Completely automated or some manual tasks

  • Flexible BPM/ Workflow

  • Rules Engine

  • Customer De-duping (Duplication check)

  • eKYC/ Aadhaar Verification

  • Online CIBIL Check

  • Telephone verification (TVR)

  • Personal Discussion- Credit, BM (PD)

  • Field Investigation (FI) - Allocation & Feeding

  • Document Management - Changing

  • Required Documents, Upload, Pendency

  • Fraud Check

  • Title Search Allocation/ Report

  • Financial Analysis

  • Valuation Allocation/ Report

  • Underwriting/ Credit Verification

  • Digital Bank and Financial Analysis

  • TAT & Escalations


NBFC App Collections help track & manage delinquent customers and minimize delinquencies using tighter supervision. The system facilitates proactive actions through all stages from soft calling to hard bucket collections.


  • Classification

  • Allocation

  • Follow-up

  • Escalations

  • Re-possession Workflow

  • Legal case tracking

  • Settlement

Mobile solutions for the field force

We’re actively developing mobile applications to capture new use-cases. Mobile applications backed by cloud computing will provide new efficiencies and increased control over your business.


  • Onboarding & Appointments

  • Digital KYC & Document capture


  • Loan Application with digital KYC

  • Pay with Payment Gateway integration


  • Receipt print (pocket Bluetooth printer)

  • Offline Mode
    Customer location tracking with GPS
    Collection route planning

  • Meeting result and next steps


  • Google Map integration with customer addresses for verification

  • Verification forms

New Features

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Get performance and comparisons by
time period, branches, locations, dealers, managers, and executives.

  • Rules Engine

  • Deviation Calculation as per Rules Engine

  • Customer Credit Score as per Rules Engine

  • Artificial Intelligence

Custom Feature Development

With us you’re in safe hands – you’ll never get stuck due to lack of features. If you require a feature that is not present, we’ll develop it for you. We really want our customers to succeed and go the extra mile

For charges, we make a case by case judgment. For some small features or widely applicable enhancements, we might provide it for free. For other customizations, we will charge you a reasonable amount, but you’ll always be able to get the feature

We carefully understand your business requirements, our experts match it with our deep domain expertise, and come up with elegant solutions that handle the business case well – usually exceeding the customer expectations


Dedicated Team

We have dedicated customer support teams in two offices. We’re always available online during business hours.

Instant Help

Online Support through Desktop sharing tool at the click of a button – irrespective of your geography.

Developer Backed

Our support teams are backed by developers who are readily available.