Evolution of Performance – GraalVM

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All programming languages have different performance. C & C++ are very fast, Java runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and so it has good performance as JVM is has good performance. But laguages like Ruby, Python have low performance and are much slower.

Java uses JVM and JVM can run on any Operating System. So in turn Java can also run on any OS as it sits on the JVM. But the JVM takes in Java object code and turns it into machine code, so that it can run on the underlying OS.

But JVM is a black box and no one knows what happens inside it.

Oracle came up with the nobel idea of using the JVM and achieving something extra ordinary.They created GraalVM.

  1. They worked on the black box and brought visibility into it.
  2. Then they went forward and made it possible to generate native machine code from Java object code.
  3. They went even further and added support for all languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby etc.

So now using GraalVM it is possible to convert a Java program into native application. Native application are very fast similar to C & C++. So Java applications can become extremely fast.

There were already a version of other languages that can run on the JVM like Jpython, Jruby etc. Oracle made it possible to generate native applications from all these languages using the GraalVM. So the generated application from all these languages are extremely fast.

GraalVM works best with Quarkus.

Performance improvements are shown below:-

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