Lending Management Automation with Jaguar 360 Cloud

How can lending software help your company?

Jaguar Software provides 360° coverage for all kinds of businesses and products, ensuring all the tools needed to keep the business running at peak performance across verticals.

Documents customer interactions is one of the key features that makes any business system driven. Processes that define the functioning of your business like assigning tasks to the team, handling escalations in case of delays. Jaguar 360 cloud ensures peak performance!

Automated Lending and Debt Collection with Jaguar Lending software


A fool-proof system that defines workflow right from Loan application to disbursement and ensure repossession and legal aspects are not flawed! Your process flows automatically from one task to another to your internal departments and external agencies. All this and more while you maintain the Time action taken (TAT) for every action! Redefine your processes by ensuring no tasks are missed or delayed with Jaguar Software.


Benefits of Lending software are multifold

Jaguar lending software is a highly adaptable architecture that makes it easy to extend functionality and support to third party systems, lenders, and services in addition to optimizing the process throughout the system, and ensures efficiency.


  1. Fully customizable integration to suit your product mix- our software is completely custom-built
  2. Resilient architecture backed by the Rules Engine
  3. Exquisite Internal Document management
  4. High operational efficiency for greater productivity

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Lending Verticals covered


1. Vehicle Loan Management:

Auto loans and Vehicle loans are among the highly sought loans in India. Small-Medium Auto finance companies find it simple and easy to provide loans to customers with good Cibil scores. But if a customer has a poor or weak CIBIL score, what would you do? Especially, the self-employed or a small enterprise company which cannot suffice the documentation?

We enable lenders to make the right decision by phone verification and field verification, but also double-check the capability of your borrowers. Financing a car -new or used can be made easier with Jaguar Lending Software. Increase your customer base by partnering with Jaguar for all your financial systems.
Jaguar 360 cloud has self-sufficient robust and fully customizable software modules to provide a build-to-suit experience with operational support.

The modules offer solutions that can manage the complete auto loan-life cycle, ensuring delightful ease in the lending process. The end-to-end product suite encompasses all the processes starting from loan application to decision making, disbursal, and follow-up on repayment.
The product suite at Jaguar offers modules starting from loan origination to servicing until the management of delinquent loans. Jaguar Software offers front-office to the back-office and complete product lifecycle management.

2. Business Loan

Many small and medium businesses have loan requests that are prolonged because of a lack of credibility. Checking the sustainability of a business can be very tricky, especially if it is a start-up with no prior history. By employing software with prior experience in the NBFC segment and knowledge about the lending process you can:

  1. Automate the process of loan approval
  2. Loan amendments and extensions
  3. In-built fraud protection algorithms to rule out overdue

The loan cycle in the case of business loans can vary from business to business, and the terms of loan approval could be time & effort consuming. A business loan that is automized can allow you to make other needful decisions.

3. Personal Loans with Jaguar Software

Personal loans are categorized as an unsecured loan as it can be used for multiple uses. It could be for weddings, home renovations, medical treatment, or any such financial requirement. In such a scenario, the urgent need of the individual matters with minimal documentation requirements. With foolproof software like Jaguar, you can provide personal loans with automated deduping, increase your decision-making process, and build a credible client base.

4. Home Loans or Housing Finance Corporations

It is perhaps a desire for everyone to build or buy the home of their dreams. Home loans in banks are given to customers who satisfy the specification of documentation and expect people to meet many criteria. With the Jaguar loan management system and lending software, you can quicken the process of deduping and the initial scrutinizing. Jaguar 360 cloud, Jaguar desktop, and Jaguar Multi-branch solutions are designed for companies of all sizes. HFCs can handle Housing loan tracking, payment processing, and document retrieval and storage all at the click of a button. Ease of workflow automation is an experiential delight both for customers and lenders. Our house loan approval processes are automated and streamline the sequence of the loan servicing process.
Get only the best software for home loan scrutiny with Jaguar!

5. Property loan or Loan against property

Mortgage loans or loans against property demands the best tools and technology put together to support customers to achieve their financial objectives. Jaguar’s lending software incorporates multiple banking systems in a single platform and thereby delivers a smart software interface to your operating product mix. Jaguar lending systems

  • Combines data services in one place
  • Industry’s-leading implementation to your convenience

Jaguar 360 is built to improve the regulatory relations with your customers and reduce compliance-related errors, regulatory expenses instead provide portfolio management experiences.

6. Lending Software for Micro financiers

The multifold benefits of a cloud-based system are numerous. Micro financiers can instantly generate data-driven decisions and get intel on the key-performing areas of your business. Micro financiers don’t have to pay for the whole package- they can choose the modules and verticals to operate on- pay only for the desired part of the software. Jaguar 360 provides a secure portal for parties such as brokers, lenders, borrowers, and staff to work on multiple loans and upload respective documentation.

7. Gold Loan Software

Companies that offer Gold loans need a clear path to operate. When you are looking for highly customizable loan management software or lending software to fulfill your exact business requirements, Jaguar software is your solution. Gold Loan and Securities demand for high security and control. With Jaguar 360 cloud, you can access data and retrieve information on the go!

8. Machinery loan

We at Jaguar Software are the industry leaders in delivering and developing specialized solutions to companies who provide loans.

Our services have provided maximum benefits to the client who is offering machinery loans to entrepreneurs who work with heavy machines.

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