Technology for Housing Finance Companies

December 18, 2018 8:46 am    /    BY JaguarSoftware    /     No Comments

Jaguar 360 Cloud has proven to be an excellent solution for Housing Finance Companies. The solution is incorporating cutting edge technology. It caters to every possible scenario and provides the tools to handle every situation seamlessly. The superior design is because of the vast experience in sister company (an NBFC) and 2 decades of experience with 300+ NBFCs. The deep insights led to a very flexible solution that helps a Housing Finance Company right from startup stage to a very large size of thousands of crores.

The solution provides Workflow design tools to easily change the workflow as the HFC grows. Analytics & Dashboards provide the right amount of control over the business.

In the last month as many as 6 HFCs have signed up for Jaguar 360 Cloud.

Housing Finance Software
Housing Finance Software
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