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Personalised Loan products as per Customer Segment . Quick Disbursal . Days Bucket based Interest Rate . Partial or Early repayments . Partial release of Ornaments . Mobile App

2+ Decades

We have experience of providing lending software for over 2 decades. Jaguar 360 degree Cloud covers all the requirements gathered over these 2 decades.

Fastest growing Lenders

Some of the fastest growing Lenders have been using our solutions, like “Au Financiers” who grew very fast with us to a size of 3000+ crores, before it became a Bank.

Zero to 5000 crores

We have two cloud-based products. A lender of any size can be onboarded and a smaller lender can transition from smaller solution to the larger solution smoothly as they grow.

Flexible by design

Every lender has their own market requirements and no two businesses are alike. We provide a blank canvas to design your system within days, with the help of configurable products and Business Process Management (BPM) based processes which can be designed within minutes to cater to any process flow.

360 degree Repayment Options
  • Any Repayment Cycle (Daily, Weekly, etc)

  • EMI, Balooning Instalments

  • Gap Instalments

  • Bullet Loans

  • Term Loans

  • OD Accounts

  • Customer Limit

360 degree Activities
  • Customer Acquisition

  • Origination

  • Document Management

  • Loan Management

  • Collection

  • CRM

  • Legal

  • Accounting

  • Chat

  • Emails

360 degree Features
  • Schemes

  • Co-lending

  • Securitization

  • Linked Loans

  • Top-up Loans

  • OD Account

  • Additional Accounts

360 degree Integrations
  • Bureau

  • OCR

  • eKYC

  • Video KYC

  • Cersai

360 degree Onboarding
  • Customer App

  • Sales App

  • Web App

360 degree Default Handling
  • NPA

  • Notices

  • Legal Proceedings

360 degree Collection
  • CRM

  • Customer 360 View

  • Online Receipts

  • Tele-caller Executives

  • Collection Executive

  • Collection Mobile App

  • Promise to pay

  • Notices

  • Emails, WhatsApp & SMS