Jaguar 360 Cloud, Loan Management Software is an innovative end-to-end solution-based online cloud platform that connects lenders and borrowers with seamless and convenient access to credit services. We at Jaguar Software are pioneers in lending technology, specialize in lending software and have created a flexible product to promote business and streamline operations.
    Jaguar 360 Cloud is the leader in the global Loan Management software sector for the last few years. Our software is designed especially for the Non-banking Finance Companies (NBFC), Housing Finance Companies (HFC) & Banking sectors.


    Why do we need a loan management system?
    In today’s ever-changing financial sphere, lenders and borrowers need a common ground to connect. Lenders face many challenges from poorly designed systems or manual systems.

    1. Duplication and repetition due to poor communication between Sales and Credit.
    2. Again and again time and expense is incurred on getting correct documents from the customer.
    3. Incorrect decisions happen due to chaotic conditions.
    4. Collection opportunities are lost due to a poor management system.
    5. Lack of good resources causes further problems.
    6. Competition causes more damage due to inability to respond and act accurately and with agility.
    7. Lack of data and information causes lack of direction and lost opportunities.


    Why Jaguar LMS system?
    Jaguar 360 Cloud was architected with following inputs:-

    1. Solution was designed by the mind having Lending experience as well as being a Software engineering. By taking an owner’s viewpoint.
    2. Experience of 2 decades.
    3. Experience and feedback of 3 prior lending products
    4. Experience of 200+ Clients and fast growing companies like Au Financiers.

    Jaguar Loan Management system digitizes Loan processes from beginning to end and completes the entire loan lifecycle from Lead & Deal to the underwriting and disbursal, then repayments and collection. Finally complete Accounting is also integrated.

    Our LMS provides faster lending decisions yet minimizes risk. We at Jaguar have a clear advantage over our competitors because of the flexibility of workflow, scalability and reliability across all lending verticals.

    A technologically equipped loan management system that automates processes and eases the operations. Our loan management systems are flexible, scalable to devices, easy user access, and budget-friendly. We help you improve work quality and make quicker credit decisions providing flexibility and ingenious solutions. Jaguar Loan Management System supports various aspects of lending, ranging from customer onboarding to closure and regular monitoring. Our services are cost-effective and ensure a better customer experience. Our technology-enabled definable LMS processes improve productivity through the entire loan lifecycle.


    Benefits of the Loan management system:
    Ever wondered why one has to deploy the best loan management software?

    We are in the fag end of 2020, where smart gadgets are consumingly overtaking our lives. Traditional ways of loan management are obsolete as there is no place for miscommunication or delay. Transparency is taken to a whole new level. Manual tracking of data with the help of calendars and scheduling dates can lead to human errors being very cumbersome.

    By investing in the Jaguar loan management system, the entire lending process can be error-free. From loan origination to credit assessment, monitoring loan amount disbursal to loan repayment dues- all in all, you deliver a great loan management experience to your customers.

    Here are some of the advantages of Jaguar LMS:


    Operational Effectiveness
    Flexible flowchart-based workflows provide an accurate system. An increase in productivity is a clear sign that a system is working towards progress. An increase in the overall quality and services levels with quicker Turnaround Time(TAT)


    Digital Lending
    API integration to various government databases for KYC etc. helps in digital lending experience.


    Data Upload & Security
    There can be umpteen number of chances for human error when it comes to manual uploading of data. With automated software, you can achieve document uploads and provide access to designated employees based on relevance and authority.

    Documents can be retrieved anytime later too.


    Scalability is the real deal
    With a loan management system this scalable it becomes easy to fill in many loan applications at a time. High volume lending can be handled seamlessly.


    Customer Satisfaction
    Such quick processing results in happier customers and maybe more customers too!

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