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Digital Lending Solution
for all types of lenders
Fintech, NBFC, Banks, HFC, MFI

Loan Origination · Management · Collections · Borrowing · Accounting · Treasury

We have complete logging feature as per banking standards, as required by RBI from 1 April 2023.

Hundreds Of Customers Bet
Their Business Daily On Us

The Jaguar Advantage

We help you manage your company efficiently.

Developed By Financiers

Designed by engineers with deep domain expertise and first-hand experience of NBFC operations

We have keen awareness of changing market challenges and are actively involved in finance company associations

Comprehensive - 20+ Years

We’re dedicated to customer success and focus on solving all customer challenges. Over the years, this has led to very comprehensive solutions

Given our domain expertise, we’re able to design simple and elegant solutions to customer challenges, keeping the product easy to use

Many companies rely on our software to help define best practices


We’re committed to keeping our solutions up to date with the latest technology and deployment models

We have developed Cloud based Digital Lending solution to turn all traditional lenders into Fintechs


We have Clients ranging from startups to mid sized

At the highest end, our solutions are lightweight and scalable, and are already supporting upto 10,000 new loans a month With scalability to much higher volumes